Monday, April 23, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yesterdays (Wed) ride. Comments welcome :-)

I just got back from a 1hr ride along the Dandenong Creek bike path.
Now, I use a mirrow on my helmet and can see what riders are coming up behind me.
I could see a guy on a mtn bike, he was gaining on me ever so slowly.
He finally caught up to me, sat on behind me to get a wind break, and then past me and kept going as his pace.
When he got past me, I was shocked to see it looked like a man 25 years my senior, with grey hair and wrinkles. 
I was riding smooth slick tyres, he was riding fat knobby mtb tyres, which take more effort to pedal.
It was very demoralising for me, I thought I was going quiet well considering.

I must put back this into perspective, for my own good, these riders that caught me and then past me where commuter cyclist that ride everyday to work (like I use to).
8 months ago I was flat out in a coma, and couldn't even walk, or lift my arm arm to brush my teeth!

So tell me whats happening in your world, bestest Carl :-)

 The Halfway rest.   Bike is a folding performance bike, a BIKEFRIDAY POCKET ROCKET Pro 9kg inc pedals.

  After ride.Thats me, wearing the team jersey that the first American (Greg Lemond) to win the Tour de France wore, sponsors by a French toy company "Z"

     Left:  New Campagnolo Front Brake NOW I can Stop! I had Zero Gravity brakes, which aren't dual pivot = don't stop in an emergency!

   Ooooh, 179 max HR,182 is my max in theory!!!!!!

   128 BPM Av heart rate

  I acceded 85m

  Distance 17.6Km
      First half of ride 21.4 AVG, BTW, 59m is meters above sea level.( Creek Level)

   OVERALL AVS 19.3,   slow for me, but got to be reasonable considering what happened to me 8 months ago, its OK. BTW 124m is East Ringwood above sea level