Monday, February 28, 2011

Get ready for a sharp sting!

Get ready for a sharp sting!
The Mr (ear doc) said it would only sting for a couple of seconds. Blimmen heck it did hurt. But didn't do anything, it's still got fluid in it! Plus I still can't equal the pressure in the left ear by blowing and holding my nose.

He tells me your chest infection ear infection are all interrelated, then he says if it doesn't clear we may have to put a grommet on your ear drum to let the fluid escape, but then he worries if I get a ear infection it will be hard to control with your subdued immune system... Hmmm great. I just hope the different antibiotics work.

He also said since I was a good patient and didn't seem to worry about the needle in the eardrum, we could put the grommets in at his clinic and not be knocked out ....... Yeah right!

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Cheers Carl.

Ear drum

Today I had my ear drum attacked with a needle and syringe. The ear doctor sucked fluid from my middle ear, with no local! It hurt like hell!

I hope I don't need grommet, I'm on more antibotics, to see if middle ear will clear?


Friday, February 25, 2011


I can't believe I still have a bronchitis cough, which started on the 5th of Jan.
I now can't hear well in the left ear because it's full of fluid in the middle ear. I'm going to the specialist on Monday to see if I need grommets fitted to drain them.
Cheers Carl