Sunday, November 25, 2012

My first ride up the local mountain since my meltdown last year.

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Hi guys,
I have been slowly been building up my ride distance over the last year, and now I can ride comfortably 30 km with not many hills. As soon as the road goes sky wards my heart rate really advances towards its max, and I have too back off.

For my friends who don't ride or are overseas, 10 km away from home is a mountain range called " The Dandenong's" the highest point is about 600m above sea level. 7 years ago when I was really fit, I could go up the 6.7km mountain hwy road in 20.5 mins. The record is 13mins for a pro rider.

Two months ago I rode up only part way, yesterday I felt like I needed to test my self and get a new base time for myself, so I would have a benchmark for my fitness.

It was a warmish Melbourne day with a forecast of 35c deg. When I started it was 28C, I really took it easy on the 10km ride to the start, there was allot of pollen in the air and my nose and eyes where telling me that. I got to the start at the Basin, pressed the lap time on my garmin gps and I was off for my new record? I tried to keep my pedal cadence just above 60rpm on my easiest gear to keep my HR below 155bpm, I could manage this for most of the climb, and with one kilometre to go I gave as best I could.
My result, 30 mins, I'm happy with that, have something to work with. It will be interesting to see what time I can do on my lighter performance folding bike a Bikefriday it's 2kg lighter and has 20" wheels.

Buy for now :)

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Cheers Carl H.