Monday, February 22, 2010

CT Scans

Thanks everyone (you know who you are) for crossing your toes for me,
as my ct scans came back clear!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, I'm back home now with my
neotrophils back in the normal range.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back in hospital

Tuesday 2nd Feb 2010

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I awoke at 4am to find my temp had risen to 38C, I wasn't suprized,
the past week I have had a dry coff and been more achey than normal
and It stopped me from attending a friends wedding on Saturday.

On the Friday I had my first lot of Mabthera which is a drug to help
my immune system, I will have it every three months. I was told
sometimes you can get flu symtoms from it.

So I'm in a bed in emergancy at Boxhill hospital at 5.30am! They give
me some antibotics, take blood samples, so I kick back and wait for my
blood results.

So a hour past when my blood results came back showing that my
Nuetrophils (cells which fight bacteria) had gone down to 0.11, the
normal range is 2-7! That was a bit of a shock to me after waiting for
3 months for them to get to the low side of the normal range after my
stem cell transplant.

So I was admitted back into ward 3West where I was 3 weeks ago with a
similar temperature. They gave me more antibotics, fluids and a drug
to stimulate my bone marrow to produce more neutrophils.

It's Wednesday morning and my blood results have come back and it
shows my nuetrophils have increased to 0.66 which is great! So
hopefully I will be back home soon. ......