Monday, July 30, 2012

What my son said to me

I said to my son "want to come out with me on an adventure?". 
He said " Nah, do a video of it, and I'll watch it" 
He is 5 years old.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Melbourne's Sth East Eclectic Bikeshops

Last week I caught the train into Prahran.
It was 15 years ago where Mick Jamison and myself shared a half a house together, I hadn't been down that way since my bucks night which was Feb 2006. Back then we all caught the train to Prahran, and partied on from then, it was a great night.
Oh, getting back to last week. So I have been hearing on the social media/and web about these couple of bike shops that are quite different to the norm, and was eager to check them out.

First stop, Northside Wheelers "purveyor of fine cycling wares", its owned by Malachi, who comes from somewhere in the middle of England. Rides races over 400km/week. His shop is full of cycling gear from bygone days and the present. There was a nice magenta coloured late 80's Eddy Merckx campagnolo bike as you walked in, ooh I would take that home. Another EM bike in the window, pre ergo shifters and euro stuff, all very nice. He has a range of Rapha clothes, which you either like or not?

Next shop was FYXO, owned by Andy White, great photographer, and organiser of the Melbourne Roobaix. I wanted to do that event this year, but three things all coincided at the same time, I hope I will be well enough to do it 2013? Unfortunately the shop was closed for two weeks when I was there, so in the mean time have a look at his website.

On to the last shop of the area, Shifter Bikes "Custom Bicycle Studio", I really enjoyed going in there, it's owned an run by Dan and his partner. (Oh so sorry Dan, forgot your partners name ;-( )
This place was my type of bike heaven, steel frame bikes of the 80's and 90's, piles of magazines which I used to read when i raced in to 80's etc "Winning magazine". Framed posters of bike material from years past. 80's and 90's components displayed all very nicely.
Dan even owns one of Phil Anderson's old Eddy Merckx training bikes, faithfully restored by Dan himself! There is a picture of Phil "Skippy" Anderson checking out Dans work, on the wall that was featured in Ride Magazine.
If your into old Holdens, Dan has a FB ute sitting in the workshop too!

Northside Wheelers "purveyor of fine cycling wares


 Shifter Bikes "Custom Bicycle Studio"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Feeling a bit down today, as I found out my blood clot in my arm is still there after 9 months of daily injections and medications.

Feeling a bit down today, as I found out my blood clot in my arm is still there after 9 months of daily injections and medications.

It all came about because a butcher surgeon couldn't put a new central line correctly into my vein for my intro venous food.

Cheers Carl,
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Being a tourist in my own city on Thursday.

On the free City circle tramway

Behind this green door is the oasis of the Walled Garden above which belongs to the  

The Melbourne Club

A nice campy triple touring bike

Nino Pangrazia  co-owner of  Pellegrinis

Up the stairs to the "The Waiters Club"

 BELOW "The Waiters Club"

A swiss army folding bike