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Just wan't to say, thanks for all the well wishes.
Start the chemo on Sunday......

> Love Carl,

Carl Hemmings

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

news from hostpital

Hi everyone,
just resting in bed after full on day in Boxhill hostpital. Allot more happened then I expected! First I had a two hour drip of Antibioptic in preperation for the cathertor which was going into a blood vessel in my chest and ending up near my heart.

While that was dripping away, they decided to do a bone marrow biopsy on me in my back of hip area. They gave me some morphen, which hit me like a tun of bricks, my body felt so heavy.

Next on the list was to be prepared for the cathertor being inserted, that meant shaving the chest and being washed with ice cold alcohol mix....

I was taken to the xray room where they covererd me in sterile cotton, face included, I could hardly breath. The doctors used the xray machine to check where the cathertor was situated in my vein. Anyway all went well, the local needle gave me a sharp sting, and the Doc had to press quet hard on my jugular which in now bruised.

After that had finnished, I was taken back to have the rest of my Medicine via a drip line. Then we talked to the Stem Cell head nurse, and that when I started to see stars, feel sickly and generally not well. I was taken back to the room where I layed down on the bed, and they checked my BB, which was low! They kept me there untill my BB got back to normal, then I was allowed to go home at 3pm after being there since 8am.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stem Cell Schedule

Hi everyone,
I'm sending out my schedule for my treatment so you know whats going on:

*Tuesday 20th Oct:
8am: Insert a Hickman Catheter into chest.
Have a bone marrow biopsy and blood test.
2pm: Go to ward three west and talk about upcoming treatment expectations and questions.

*Thursday 22nd Oct:
24 hr Urine test

*Friday 23rd Oct:
8.30am Gated Blood Pool Scan to see if heart can take Chemo. Will be radioactive for 48hrs after.

10.45am Lung function test to get baseline of lung functions.

*Sat 24th Oct:
Admission into Boxhill Hospital

*Sunday 25 th Oct and Monday 26th Oct:

Monday Night 26th Oct:
Transfered to Alfred Hospital for radiotherapy next morning.

Tuesday 27th oct:
At Alfred Hospital
Am Radiotherapy
pm Radiotherapy

Wednesday 28th Oct:
At Alfred Hospital
Am Radiotherapy
pm Radiotherapy

Thursday 29th oct:
At Alfred Hospital
Am Radiotherapy
pm Radiotherapy

Friday 30th Oct:
Back at Boxhill Hospital where my Stem Cell transplant will take place, via a dripline.

Sat 31st Oct:
Recover, and wait for my stem cells to graft,
I will have no immune system. not sure how long I will be in hospital


Carls Hospital Schedule for Stem Cell transplant

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good news

I had good news today, in that my CT/ PET scan came back clear!

Yippy, thats one more less thing to worry about.

LOve Carl

Monday, October 5, 2009

RE: Saturdays ride pics

Hi Carl

It’s nice to see you doing what you love to do! With time, you can plan on doing a great deal more of this – but in the short time little steps!

Love Michelle

Saturdays bicycle ride

Hi all,

I wasn't feeling the best, but had to get out in the fresh air too clear the mind of the up and coming stem cell transplant on the 23rd Oct
As they say, I had to "smell the roses"
I ended up doing 12km, not much compared when I used to do 160km rides, but better than nothing.
Love Carl