Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why I love stage 15 Tour de France 1994!

Theres a Young World champ Lance Armstrong. 
Two neo pro's, Aussie Neill Stevens and Stephan Hodge. 
Big Miguel Indurain. 
Tom Simpson memorial. 
My memories of Climbing up Mt Ventoux, which I climbed in 1998 while living/ bike touring in Europe. 
A youngish Marco Pantanni with some hair appears!
One of my favourite Italian riders " Eros Poli" who is 6'4" or 194cm like me and who does well in this stage which was unusual. 

Any comments? Let me know. 

Cheers Carl,
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Friday, October 12, 2012

my thoughts on Lance Armstrong

My thoughts on Lance dopping:
The more I think about it, I'm with skippy (Phill Anderson). Lance was the best of the pack in the era of doping. 
I can understand in what he did, other teams where doping and he was getting his Ass whipped. So he did what he could do to make it a level playing field. I guess it's like me and my 30 year old steel racing bike, it's mass is 11 kg. Now if I want the same advantage when going up hill as my friends who ride 6-8 kg machines, I would have to get a lighter bike or deal with the energy expenditure of carrying an extra 5 full water bottles up hill ~ (4kg). Carrying that extra mass over a number of climbs will certainly take its toll. 

Now I don't condone his bullying of others to keep his secret. That's bad form. 
Being a Cancer surviver myself, I like what he has done with his live-strong company, and his fight against cancer. 

Bestest Carl.