Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trip to Womadelaide 2010

Our trip to WOMADelaide March 2010.
Thur 5th March:

We are all good, left at six thirty in morning and got to Murry Bridge
100 km out of Adelaide at five pm, with two hrs of rest/eat stops. We
had drove 700km. Lochlan travelled well.
Ps the Laser is doing 7.9 lt/100 km with aircon on.

Friday 6th:
After breakfast at a German cafe in Murrybridge we drove to Adelaide
through the Adelaide hills, then onto Semaphore which is a seaside
suburb of Port Adelaide. (15km NW of Adelaide). Lochlan was getting
abit grumpy as we said we where going to the beach soon, by the time
we arrived he was overtired and not much fun. He did manage to get his
feet wet while the sun was shining.
The Semaphore apartments are very nice, we can just see the beach if
you strain your neck. Its only a 3 min walk to the beach. The next
door neighbours are abit feral though!

Sat 7th:
It has been five years since Kim and I had attended Womadelaide, lots
have changed. We got married, Lochlan arrived, and I got cancer. So I
was glad to be actually going to the festival, especially as I had a
stem cell transplant four months earlier! I was a bit concerned if the
festival had gotten too big in five years of our absent? Also if I had
enough energy to walk around the fest, and look after Lochlan?
We arrived about 2pm with the festival full underway, it started of
sunny but by 4 the heavens had opened. Some Family groups had set up
small tents for sheltor, what a good idea, I think we will do that
next time because we where wet through, my 1989 goretex jacket was
well past it's used buy date!

After waiting in line for some food, I saw the end of Colexaco's set,
they where good but I wouldn't class them as world music, that's my
personal opinion only.

I met up with Kim and my son, Lochlan had been on two jumping castles
and by that stage Lochlan was being a typical three year old with no
arvo sleep :-( , so we went back to the apartment in a sodden state.
Hopefully Sunday will be better?

Sunday 8th:
It was a much better day today weather wise and Lochlan had a sleep
before lunch and was in better spirits. I got to see the Skatalites
from Jamaica and got some close up photos of them signing Cd's, the
Armada ( the guy from the tea party and his new band), I saw a
workshop by the "Hypnotic Brass Ensemble" which was cool, they are
from NY. USA. I saw allot more, but they where the highlights. I
missed out on seeing Bobby Singh new band, Xavia Rudd, and Ravi
Shankar (90 years old) because of not getting there earlier enough or
they only played on the Monday, we only had a two and a half day pass
not three and a half day pass.

Lochlan got his face painted as a cat in the Kidzone which was was fun
to watch and capture on video.

All in all it was a differant Womad from years gone past, when the sun
went down we remembered from the 2005 Womad the French fire display
which warmed the cool night air of the past. They where missing. I
guess going through allot of emotional ups and downs these past three
years can really effect the mindset, the first time we came to Womad I
had to see everything, this time I didn't worry, plus I didn't have
the energy to go running around.

Photos to come.