Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A ride with the Bianchi Boys

Some people may laugh at our lycra suits we wear when we ride,
 but that particular one we are wearing has a warm spot for me. 
When I was living in Czech Republic for 3 years, I managed to get to the 1998 Tour de France by train and touring bicycle, 
I camped and cycled toured for 8 weeks. 
That year Marco Pantanni won the 3000 plus Km tour. I could have bought a jersey when I was there, but didn't. It wasn't until, the great champ was found dead years later that I had the desire to own one.
Luckily a jersey manufacture in the UK got the rights to remake them, and thats how I have one now and matching nicks (padded shorts)

Read the story of my Tour de France in 1998

My brother and me.

Below: Marco the photo man

Pantanni attacks

Lovely tribute to Marco below:

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